Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages, marvel

and forget about everyday life!

The Montcornelles construction site is the incredible reconstruction of a medieval town from the 14th century, as you will never have seen before !

Discover the crazy bet of enthusiasts who built a medieval town as in 1347. This forty-year adventure is lived through the progress of the site.


Discuss with the builders to learn more about the tools, working conditions and techniques of our ancestors.

Located on unspoiled mid-mountain terrain, the site can be visited independently, at your own pace.


Many events are offered on weekends : craft activities, storytelling, nightlife, medieval feast ... to extend the experience out of time!

Medieval festival July 10 and 11

Two days of festivities around the work of the builders to discover the site of Montcornelles. Camps, music, shows, artisans, entertainment are on the program.



1100 route de Montcornelles, Rougemont 01110 ARANC

Phone. 06 41 12 64 99 -

"Discovery" tours (free with any purchase of an entrance ticket), duration 45 min.
Storytelling tours (child € 2 / adult € 3).

Stone-cutting workshop (child € 4 / adult € 6).
“Apprentice builder” visit (child € 3 / adult € 5).

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.