Visit one of the largest silk weaving factories in Europe! An unforgettable experience during which you will attend demonstrations of looms, you will exchange with former workers, you will admire unique fabrics imagined for the largest houses (Dior, Chanel, ...), you will immerse yourself in the operation of a factory that has employed up to 1200 people.


Memory of an industry of excellence, Soieries Bonnet is the most important heritage fund of the textile industry on an international scale. Luxurious fabrics, production tools and archives from the world of work, the Bonnet Silk Museum is 200 years of textile production history.

A model boarding school

Founded in Lyon in 1810, the Bonnet company established in 1835 in Jujurieux a factory-boarding school, qualified in its time of establishment "the most complete in the universe". Recognized for its excellent know-how, the Lyon-based company is expanding from the south of France to Italy, Poland, Serbia Abyssinia, or even London, New York and Paris.

Exceptional collections

Linked to the most illustrious names in haute couture, such as the house of Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Lanvin or even Lacroix and Valentino, the collections of the Musée des Soieries Bonnet bear witness to a singular history, whether through its trades. or its workers. Exceptional heritage, Soieries Bonnet has long been more than a factory, but a city within a city . Chapel, commissary, workers' housing, school… The site has welcomed more than 13,000 workers over a hundred years, and has even exported its paternalistic organization to Japan.

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An immersive journey


Visits to the former weaving workshops, meeting with former workers, demonstrations, cultural and artistic events… The visitor will discover the different stages in the creation of fabrics and fashion accessories, as well as the site's unique industrial heritage.


Temporary exhibition "Metamorphoses"

The visit to the former production workshops is punctuated by three installations by artist Karine Proriol, who transforms the silk cocoon into an endless source of creation. This exhibition resonates with the history of Soieries Bonnet, by combining the silky past with the current silk routes.


From June to November 15, 2021.


Events and activities

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