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Bugey vineyard

Bubble of Flavors

L'Ain: gourmet destination

In Ain, people are proud of their good products!

Forerunners in the matter, Brillat-Savarin was a magistrate but History has especially kept his philosophical treatise, “The Physiology of Taste”, and his sense of the aphorism: “Tell me what you eat, I will tell you who you are. es ” .


In the same way, the nine products of excellence (AOC / AOP) of the Ain are the pillars of a recognized local gastronomy. And with us, you will discover two exceptional products: Cerdon and Comté .


Ain is distinguished by a rare diversity of specialties and products of excellence … and confirms its place as a major gourmet destination.

Exceptionally, Ain is one of those rare territories to bring together 9 products of excellence (AOC / AOP): Bresse poultry, Bresse butter and cream, Bugey wines, 3 cheeses: Morbier®, Comté ®, Bleu de Gex®.




Le Bugiste is proud of its history, its traditions and its land. He has also made an agreement with her: here, Man gives his sweat to the vines, along steep hillsides. And it gives it back to him, producing wines of character, red, white, rosé, still or sparkling.


The AOC Bugey Cerdon vineyard

From the steep slopes of the 10 communes * of the AOC zone, on nearly 130 ha of vineyard, Cerdon is the result of the subtle marriage between the Poulsard and Gamay grape varieties, then of an ancestral method of production without the addition of sugar or yeast. Fine mousse and light bubbles, it goes well with the best desserts.

* L'Abergement-de-Varey, Bohas-Meyriat-Rignat, Boyeux-Saint-Jérôme, Cerdon, Jujurieux, Mérignat, Poncin, Saint-Alban, Saint-Jean-le-Vieux, Saint-Martin-du-Mont.

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The Cerdon ancestral method is defined by:

  • a low alcoholic degree (8% vol. on average),

  • a very flattering pink color

  • a fine and light foam,

  • a very strong aromatic expression of the grape varieties with a predominance of red fruits,

  • an off-dry character resulting from a harmonious balance of acidity and natural grape sugars.


On the program: tasting in the vineyards, walks with the winegrowers

and mountain biking through the vineyard.