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Just happiness !

A remarkable natural site, the Gorges de l'Ain offer you 40 kilometers of wonder and happiness along the water. Rich in diverse flora and fauna and a route dotted with hamlets and art buildings, enchantment awaits you from start to finish.

Very popular with tourists and locals alike, Ile Chambod-Merpuis is an unmissable site in the department . Located between Poncin, Hautecourt-Romanèche and Serrières-sur-Ain , downstream from the limestone cliffs of Balvay and Jarbonnet in the Gorges de l'Ain , Ile Chambod has a particular history... Born from the construction of the Allement dam in 1960, Chambod-Merpuis Island is above all 20 hectares of unspoiled nature on the banks of the Ain River and a navigable body of water of 15 km2.

Activités Chambod Merpuis


Whether it is on the right bank with Chambod or the left bank on the Merpuis side, the visitor benefits from a superb playground. On the program of activities: cycling, hiking, pedalos, paddles or yoga… Everything is done to offer the visitor an experience rich in emotions .


In addition on the Chambod side, an interpretation trail allows you to discover the 10 remarkable sites of the Haute Vallée de l'Ain, while going around the island. It is signposted over a length of 2 kilometers and is accessible to people with reduced mobility (PRM) on half of the route.

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