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[PONCIN] L'AinTimiste : And the flavors sparkle !

An intimate interlude punctuated by sweet sensations in the mouth, the Aintimiste is an exquisite culinary experience in the heart of the adorable village of Poncin.

A subtle association of modernism and mythical materials, at the very moment, one feels as if seized by a soft warm atmosphere. Designed like a cocoon in its first version, Jérôme Busset is no longer at his first attempt. In just over a year, he has conquered an audience of stainless lovers of his marriages of textures and flavors. Benevolent and playful, he handles tastes like an artist, making the dishes he presents himself at each service desirable. And when the Chef tells you the story of this metamorphosis of ingredients, his whole soul speaks in his name.

Here we love, we breathe, we sometimes soak up our Burgundian origins, we often sparkle to the rhythm of the spices of Max Daumin, or we still feel his passion for travel with agastache. With curiosity and delight, we taste both grands crus and wines from our pretty corners. And unsurprisingly, we are sometimes left speechless by this generous creativity.

Each dish is worked and reworked in this way, until it presents its guests with a menu made just for that day. Among his signature food, “La Genèse Aintimiste” and his snails recount his adventure. From February 2023, its cocoon will expand. Nestled in a 16th century house, in the hollow of the vaults and skylights, we will observe the Chef in full realization during the tasting.



4 rue de la pompe 01450 Poncin

Tel : 04 74 38 06 66

Booking is recommended

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