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[BEACH RESTAURANT] On the banks of the Ain river, Le Carbet is getting a makeover and announces its opening all year round !

The Carbet restaurant, located on Ile Chambod on the banks of the Ain river, announces its opening all year round following various development works which now provide it with a very beautiful indoor and heated room equipped with same asset as its terrace: a breathtaking view of the Ain river !

Establishment Saveurs de l'Ain, Carbet founded by Yann Ollivier Henry has undergone numerous developments: from a small snack bar offering fast food, it has become one of the essential restaurants in the area.

By offering fresh, seasonal cuisine and being keen to collaborate with local, quality producers (some are MOF) Le Carbet welcomes a multi-generational clientele, local as well as tourist and professional.

The menu has evolved a lot since the beginning. Known for his famous Chambod burger, Chef Max Poupot also offers world cuisine with Italian or Indonesian inspiration. Your taste buds will be seduced.

With a shaded terrace on stilts, a Ti-Punch Bar and a breathtaking view of the river, the promise of a trip for lunch or dinner is assured.

Booking : 07 78 39 37 20 

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