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Horses and Greeks : the scarf of the G7

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Madeleine Vionnet scarf, made under license by Soieries Bonnet, dyed shaped velvet, silk, viscose, 2000 H. 140; L 140 cm Inv. J2002.03.1506

In the 1990s, the last director of the company wanted to distribute a brand of scarves in Japan. He seized the opportunity to relaunch the Madeleine Vionnet brand, a key figure in couture during the interwar years and considered the "couturier of couturiers". The user license, kept in the museum's collections, specifies the operating procedures. The company is particularly responsible for creating the models and a stylist is employed full time to design them. The "Chevaux et grecs" scarf was inspired by one of the dressmaker Madeleine Vionnet's dresses and quickly became very popular. It was reissued for several seasons and available in multiple versions: dyed, printed, hand painted in twill or in fashioned velvet on a background of hand painted silk muslin. This model was offered in navy blue to the wives of heads of state during the G7 in Lyon in 1996. © Coll. department of the Ain Museums, Bonnet Silk Museum / Jorge Alves

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