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[COMPANY VISIT] Rotin Filé : 3 generations later, it still fibers !

From the super cozy garden furniture to the rods for home fragrances and the emblematic colorful baskets, Rotin Filé is the story of a family business, discreet and efficient. Not to be missed: the guided tour which retraces both the history of the company and the methods of weaving rattan.

Texte et photos : Olivier Graff

The company “Rotin Filé” is one of those companies that are the pride of our Department. Totally integrated into the decor since 1937, it is the air of nothing on the podium of the only two rattan importing companies in France, the second being in Nantes.

Christophe Clerc welcomed us for a few hours in the company created in 1937 by Eugène Gaude, and made us discover a unique vegetable universe which today delights all the craftsmen and individuals in France (and the world!) who devote themselves to wickerwork, canework and reseating.

Historically, Rotin Filé has been buying / reselling raw rattan, a plant material from Indonesia, visually similar to bamboo, but with unique properties, allowing almost limitless working with the material to create all types of furniture and decoration. Thus, professionals and individuals who are passionate or curious about basketry place orders and learn the techniques of yesterday and today thanks to the various courses offered by Rotin Filé throughout the year.

Today, the company shows its intention to make itself better known to the general public, by offering a showroom of very trendy furniture, entirely made with the raw material it offers to its customers (rattan, cane, straw , drink).

We also discover fascinating ancestral techniques of decorative art, enough to make you want to stay there for a whole morning… until you are tempted to order your own stock and try it!


The guided tour and the shop! We also love: kits and accessories for creative hobbies.

  • Group visits (min 10 people): €4.5/adult, €3/child. Duration: 1h30. Visit from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Maximum capacity per visit: 53 people. Description unchanged. Reservation on request at the email address: or 04 74 37 23 14

  • Individual visits : €5/adult €3/child. Duration: 1h30. Visits organized by the Tourist Office by reservation during school holidays. Description unchanged. Reservation: or 04 74 37 23 14

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