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[EXHIBITION] Yves Saint Laurent at the Bonnet Silk Museum!

From May 14, 2024, the Musée des Soieries Bonnet will offer a unique Yves Saint-Laurent exhibition in Ain!

©Yves Saint Laurent - Photo credit: Delphine Delamain

Through a selection of his emblematic creations, the public will be able to discover the bold, free and timeless style of a couturier who loved women more than anything.

©Yves Saint Laurent - Photo credit: Delphine Delamain

At the heart of this event, a first selection of fabrics testifying to the illustrious collaborations between Yves Saint-Laurent and the Bonnet house will be revealed along the way.

A rare opportunity to discover behind the scenes of these prestigious partnerships and delve into the fascinating history of French haute couture.

This exhibition is the result of an exceptional collaboration with “Villa Roweek - Serge Liagre”, which enriches this unique experience by offering additional insight into the work and legacy of Yves Saint-Laurent.

©Yves Saint Laurent - Photo credit: Delphine Delamain



Yves Saint Laurent's style is distinguished by its audacity, its modernity and its ability to defy conventions .

He revolutionized fashion by introducing elements inspired by men's wardrobe into women's wardrobes, notably with the women's tuxedo, a symbol of emancipation and sophistication. His avant-garde vision transcends genres and eras, pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Yves Saint Laurent's contribution to fashion goes well beyond his iconic creations. He knew how to capture the essence of his time, reflecting the social and cultural upheavals through his collections. His innate sense of balance between tradition and modernity, between elegance and subversion, has had a profound impact on the fashion industry and continues to influence designers today. By pushing the boundaries of the conventional, Yves Saint Laurent left an indelible legacy that still inspires future generations to dare and express themselves through fashion.



Yves Saint Laurent, born August 1, 1936 in Oran, Algeria, revolutionized the world of fashion during the 20th century. From a young age, his exceptional talent was revealed as he designed sketches of clothing for his mother and sisters.

At the age of 17, he left his native land to study fashion design in Paris, where he quickly attracted the attention of Christian Dior. After the sudden death of Dior in 1957, Yves Saint Laurent, aged only 21, took the reins of the prestigious fashion house and presented his first collection which was a resounding success.

In 1961, with the support of his partner and companion Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent founded his own fashion house, thus revolutionizing the fashion industry. Together, they built a fashion empire , marked by iconic creations and an avant-garde vision. Their professional partnership is coupled with a deep romantic relationship and an unparalleled artistic complicity.

Over the decades, Yves Saint Laurent imposed his bold style and innovative vision, becoming one of the most influential couturiers of his time. Its emblematic collections, such as the women's tuxedo, the revisited trench coat , or the safari jacket , revolutionize fashion codes and mark the history of haute couture.

Yves Saint Laurent died on June 1, 2008 in Paris, leaving behind an unprecedented legacy that continues to inspire and influence designers around the world.


In collaboration with “Villa Roweek - Serge Liagre” and the kind agreement of the Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent Foundation and the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Bonnet Silk Museum

55 rue Marcel Grillet 01650 Jujurieux (Ain)

Yves Saint Laurent exhibition (alone): €7/adult

Free for children under 12.

Weaving Factory + Yves Saint Laurent Exhibition

9€/adult - 6€/child (7-12 years old) - Free under 7 years old

FAMILY PACK: €25 (2 adults and 2 children) + €5 per additional child


Combined ticket Silks + Copperwork Adult:

14€/adult & 9€/child (7-12 years old)


UNLIMITED PASS*: €20/adult & €10/child (7-12 years old)*excluding special events and family workshops

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