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[PONCIN] The Château de la Cueille : soon open to the public for visits !

Under the will of the "Friends of the Château de la Cueille", this castle from the Middle Ages will soon open its doors to the public.A must visit.By Olivier Graff

Barely a few centuries ago, that is to say a blink of an eye on the scale of our history, the Château de la Cueille was a stronghold of exchange and commerce.

Located on the banks of the Ain river, we can still imagine the 100 hectares of vines that have made the inhabitants of the hamlet prosper for decades.

Crédit photo : Olivier Graff

Important crossing point between west and east, traders and visitors from all around stopped there to rest, offer their services, or have a good time on the Place du Château. Time doing its thing and history doing the rest, this former place of life in the Middle Ages found itself little by little abandoned until today.

Patrick Bottex, winemaker of the remaining 6 hectares of vines in the hamlet of La Cueille, has always wanted to keep the dignity of this historic building intact. He crossed paths with Gilles Poret in 2019 who wanted to take over ownership of Château de la Cueille. They created the Association des Amis du Château de la Cueille, whose mission is to bring this magnificent piece of history in the Cerdon valley back to life and to share it with the public.

Crédit photo : Olivier Graff

And in the space of less than 3 years, they have already completely restored the chapel, made it possible to open the Château to the public, offer guided tours, and regularly organize events within the grounds of the Château.

And that's just the beginning ! Major restoration work is to come to allow everyone to put themselves in the shoes of these passers-by from the Middle Ages who came to stroll for a day at La Cueille, and who stayed for the beauty of the landscapes.

On the way, the opportunity is good to stop at the cellar of Patrick Bottex to taste the Cerdon AOC wine produced on site with care.


Rue du Chateau La Cueille, 01450 Poncin


On saturdays - 10h30 From July,14th to Aujust 15th

Visit of casttle and Cerdon's degustation

8 euros

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