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[PONT D'AIN] L'Hôtel des Alliés : hosts with a big heart !

Emblematic of Pont d'Ain, the Hôtel des Alliés, recently taken over by Leila and Allan, is above all a family adventure and hosts with a big heart.

Texte et photos : Olivier Graff

To evoke this emblematic, historic hotel in Pont d'Ain, it is very tempting to go through the prism of figures, advantages, easy access by road, unbeatable value for money in the whole region... But that would be miss the point.

Leila and Allan, a young couple and former employees of the previous owners, wanted to take over this establishment together since November 2022 and do it in their image: accessible. This accessibility translates above all into a desire to build a family adventure and share it with everyone who walks through their door, whether they are customers, partners or neighbours. When we stay there, more than friendly interlocutors, we find in our hosts almost members of our family on whom we can count, discuss everything and nothing, share the little moments of the day.

Former headquarters of the Resistance during the 2nd World War, the Hôtel des Alliés has always taken its name from its history. This name keeps all its meaning today, because it is many Allies that we find when crossing the door of this establishment. Allies whose main values ​​are sharing, respect and the desire to open their doors and their hearts.

It's finally as if we were going to spend a few days with friends and when the day comes, we go home after a brief discussion over a coffee knowing that the door will always be open, whether we come back tomorrow or in 3 years.

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