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Selection of Nature activities


On the program : climbing the cliffs of Neuville sur Ain and Saint Alban, there is no doubt that climbers will have enough to leave the indoor walls to ventilate their phalanges in sumptuous natural settings...

Lézard des bois
100% nature activities: vertigo trail, climbing, canyon, via ferrata and finally hiking… in Revermont, in Bugey.
Tél. 06 80 45 93 00

Vertical Sensation
Sébastien, a passionate guide, will take you to have a good time on the cliffs and canyons of the Ain (climbing, canyoning, via-ferrata).
Tél. 06 67 93 56 30

Journey to the Center of the Earth ! If we counted the generations of children, having tasted caving in the galleries of the Jujurieux cave, it would undoubtedly fill more than one football field! This quintessential initiation site is the best way to explore the underground world of the Ain mountain. Nothing could be more normal for this Jura massif with a karstic structure ...

Grotte du Cerdon - Prehistoric leisure park
An attractive site for a journey through time and space! A scent of reassuring adventures that begins with the underground route, in the end spectacular ... Surafce the open-air park provides the opportunity to discover and reproduce the actions of our ancestors. In the basement, lunar decor or even bats are waiting for you.
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