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Visit and sleep at the Château de Varambon, follow the guide !

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

For a visit or for a night, the Château is open throughout the summer season.

Overlooking the small medieval village of Varambon on the banks of the Ain river, Varambon Castle is a 19th century property. In the heart of a park wooded with Lebanese cedars, the main building has kept its 18th century appearance, but the eastern facade has been transformed with the addition of two octagonal towers with pointed roofs. Its mixed materials of stone, brick and slate give it a motley charm. Classified as a Historic Monument, its owner, the Count of Boissieu, has had part of it converted into accommodation and offers tours to the general public during the summer season.


Its listed library worthy of the great English universities and the collection of old books.


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